Integration Manager Cloud

Your Integration Platform for Maintenance and STO (Shutdown, Turnaround, & Outage)


Integration Manager Cloud (IMC)

InSynchro’s Integration Manager Cloud (IMC) is designed to empower business users to configure their own integration services by mapping the source application data fields to Primavera P6 EPPM fields with minimal technical knowledge. Integration Manager Cloud (IMC) provides a plug – and – play integration between ERP/ Asset Management applications and Primavera.


Integrated Platform

Increased Accuracy with Scheduling

Reliable and Fast

Configurable Interface

Real-Time Updates

Improved User Adoption

Dynamic Updates

Less Time and Money Spent on Corrective Work

Integration Manager Cloud (IMC) is an integration software solution that communicates and connects multiple systems together. It transfers all necessary information such as work orders, operation/task lists, work centre, personnel, and equipment details, and past and active permits, between systems so that all workers, teams, and departments are working with the same data.

Having delivered numerous successful projects integrating P6 with ERP and Asset Management applications such as SAP, E-Business Suite and Asset Management Systems over the past decade, Insynchro has now updated its technology stack to keep up with the latest technology offerings in the market.

Microservices Architecture

Enables IMC to support rapid, frequent and reliable delivery of large and complex integration services.

Message Ques

Optimizes inter-process communications between data feeds, data processing and data delivery streams.

Simple and Intuitive

Enables business users to map the data fields from source application to the native fields of P6 EPPM.

Scheduled Runs

Empowers business users to schedule when to run the interfaces and review logs of execution.

Cloud and On-Premise

IMC is available to run on the cloud as well as deployable on-premise to meet the varying needs of the integration constraints with source applications.

Insynchro’s new and improved Integration Manager Cloud is a web-based solution and does not require any client side applications, making it easy for business users to define, schedule and execute their integration services with ease, increased reliability and performance throughputs.

IMC is a purpose-built Primavera P6 integration adapter that caters for casual integration needs as well as for specialized integration operations such as:

  • Oil & Gas Asset Maintenance
    To transfer work orders from ERP Maintenance module to P6 for planning and transfer back the planed dates with progress updates.
  • Transport Infrastructure
    To synchronize field / site operation applications progress to related activities in P6.
  • Property Development
    To synchronize contract and schedule datasets between P6 and Contract Management applications to consistently report the same version of the truth.

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