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Integration Manager (IM)

As a global leader in Primavera P6 enterprise integration implementations with nearly 20 years of expertise, our team of highly qualified technology experts have helped Fortune 500 companies worldwide get the most out of their Primavera solution with tight integration into their enterprise solutions ecosystem.

Whether you are implementing a world class integrated plan for linear projects or EPC projects or STO projects, Insynchro has been the partner of choice to help leading companies in their rollout of integrated planning and scheduling using Integration Manager. With more than 60 sites established worldwide, Integration Manager has been a key enterprise enabler across many Fortune 500 companies in the Oil and Gas, Mining, Aviation, Utilities, telecommunications & other industries.

The current fluctuations of oil prices have created a huge requirement in the Oil and Gas industry to lower operating costs and incorporate new technology to reduce costs associated with maintaining petrochemical plants, large refineries and drilling platforms. With more than 40 sites deploying Integration Manager in the Oil and Gas industry, Insynchro has significant expertise to help you with your Shutdown, Turnarounds and Outages.

Integration Manager (IM) provides among others, integration between SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) and Primavera. It transfers work orders, operations, resources, materials, costs, equipment details and other SAP information to Primavera where work can be scheduled and the resources optimized in an intelligent and efficient manner. With its robust performance-oriented architecture, IM performs these data transfers in an instant. After sequencing and resource loading is completed in P6, IM sends the relevant sequence of work, start/finish dates and actual percent-complete back to SAP. This substantially reduces time, cost and risk while increasing accuracy of data transfer. Our customers have translated this new efficiency factor into significant reduction in recurring plant maintenance cost.

The unique design of Integration Manager allows for a 100 % percent fit with minimal intervention even in the most complex scenarios. IM is adopted as a standard component across many Fortune 500 companies in the Oil and Gas, Mining, Aviation, Utilities, telecommunications and other industries. Contact us at for more information.

Web based and Easy to use

Integration Manager is completely web based. You can access the application from anywhere using only a web browser whether you are an Administrator or User to administer the system or configure integration scenarios using their web browser, perform quick ad-hoc synchronizations between SAP and Primavera or schedule jobs to run in the future.

Highly configurable and incredible performance

Every customer has some level of requirements that are unique to their business process such as custom fields, special mapping logic and processing rules. Integration Manager can be quickly tailored to meet your exact needs to achieve a 100% fit. Using performance-driven technologies, IM not only delivers efficient high-speed data transfers between applications but its robust queueing and logging features track every dataset to ensure that no data is lost in transit.

No hidden cost or technology lock-up

Integration Manager does not require expensive proprietary platforms. It uses open standards portable on any J2EE compliant platforms which includes Apache Tomcats, IBM Websphere, BEA Weblogic, JBOss etc. Integration Manager also does not require any third-party software licenses. This translates to thousands of dollars in savings annually in addition to the return on investment from implementing Integration Manager.

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